with spiritual mentor and serial entrepreneur Adriana Monique Alvarez

If you are an undercover light worker, energy worker, healer, shaman, priestess, or witch who longs to step into her gifts and honor her soul's contract, this is for YOU!

✨ 12 weeks, starting January 31st, 2019

* Only 12 spots available - Pay-in-full bonus or payment plan 

Inside this 12 week holy experience you Discover What Your Body, Mind, and Spirit Need To Answer The Call To Being Who You Really Are

Client Love

"I owe so much to your BELIEF and SUPPORT...


When I think about how much has changed since we started working is mind boggling. I am a pretty positive person that believes in her abilities, but I must admit that I didn't believe I could do EXACTLY what I love successfully. You proved me wrong and I thank you every day for that."

- Tigrilla Gardenia

"My personal growth has been EXPONENTIAL...


Your unique way is geared to women and is very spiritual and self reflective. It's about being authentically me! I have found myself exploring my thoughts, really understanding what it is that I do, what I offer, and trusting myself. I feel like I'm becoming WHOLE. I am growing and enjoying the process."

- Ellie Thompson

"My big, scary desire came to me in a flash...

Tori Bravery

as I was loading the dishwasher. I know 100% I called for you. Since starting the work with you, I can feel the Universe’s warm embrace and my path beginning to take shape. I feel fear at the concept of what I want to achieve and then I remind myself that you, the other Wild Women and the Universe are all on my side."

- Tori Bravery

Wild Woman, You Know It's Time To Flow In Your Greatness ALL The Time!

This is your opportunity to circle up in my sacred space and access the magical practices and rituals that lead to me moving in my gifts in order to create my dream life. When I have shared these with my clients it has lead to what they describe as "mind boggling" results.

"In ONE powerful session...

You set me in this direction that SELF LOVE is my biggest healer. I appreciate your everlasting boldness in expanding your true being and sharing it with the world. You are an inspiration beyond limits for me and I am looking forward to our time working together."

- Susanne Braam

Susanne Braam


Some OUTCOMES of this 12 week program: Shift from...

✨ Fear of being ridiculed and ostracized to -> Receiving deep love & support

 Deep hiding to -> Standing in your power & operating in your gifts

 Disconnection from your gifts and purpose to -> Authentically showing up in all your glory

 Feeling like there's a thick wall blocking you to -> Connecting to who you really are

 Being on a perpetual cusp only to fall back down to -> Break through into your greatness!

✨ 12 weeks, starting January 31st, 2019

* Only 12 spots available - Pay-in-full bonus or payment plan 

"You are a GREAT life coach!

Every time we speak I'm excited to take another step forward!"

- Lea Southwick

Lea Southwick

What is included in Wild ✨CREATRIX💫

I'm taking a handful of conscious and intentional women under my wing, meaning, you get my direct support over the course of 12 full weeks.
In this time, I'll show you how to:


💫 Do you shift into fear and survival mode when you think about the scope of what you signed up for? I'll help you figure out what your nervous system needs to shift from fight or flight into a relaxed and receptive state. Everyone in your life is going to thank me, most of all YOU. 

💫 Instead of wondering what your doing wrong, you're going to start experiencing BLISS in your body so your mind can focus on receiving Divine guidance, unexpected money, genius ideas, aligned relationships and more.

💫 We'll rearrange your day-to-day schedule so you feel what being on and off feels like. Scheduled down time to replenish so you can BURN with passion on your POWER days.


💫 Now that you're relaxed at a cellular level, let's use the power of our minds to visualize exactly what you desire in vivid detail. Think you've got everything you want and couldn't imagine more? My daily practices (this is my speciality and it's pure MAGIC) are going to UNLOCK and UNLEASH your desires big and small.

💫 Get ready to watch fear and worry pack their bags and run! I'm going to show you how to deepen your mind's ability to run the thought processes that are most beneficial to you, rather than an old default mode.

💫 This has the power to transform your life QUICKLY. And no I'm not going to leave it to you to do on your own. We'll practice together as a group as I teach you how to expand the amount of time and the different ways you can utilize what the world's most successful people swear by.


💫 Your soul knows the way and I know how to give your soul what it needs to thrive! Living in a reactive, busy state most of the time, we'll shift this together so you come into each segment of your life clear on what you will experience.

💫 Been taught that if you want something, you'd better be ready to work for it? How about... wait for it... creating everything you desire from deep within your soul? Yes, it's way more fun to do it this way, plus your gifts are here to serve you and those around you.

💫 Always feel like what you desire most is just out of reach? Consider that a thing of the past... Get ready to FEEL your desires on the inside and then experience them in your physical world!

Included is direct support, rituals, creative experiments, spiritual practices, and a group to give you what you need to connect to the UNADULTERATED WOMAN who holds the vision of her future in spite of her fears and regardless of her past.

Group Program Includes:

✨ 12 weeks of direct support from yours truly

✨ Private Facebook group support and sisterhood

✨ Channeled sessions bi-monthly via Zoom

✨ Full and new moon ceremonies via Zoom

✨ My never before shared daily routine that connects me to Source, my creative energy & spiritual gifts

✨ My secret sauce to inviting abundance in all its forms into your life and business

VIP UPGRADE Includes Additional Personalization:

Do you thrive in one-on-one, just for you love and attention? Then I 100% recommend you choose VIP to get into your creative juju faster...

✨ 3 hour intensive to go even deeper into what you want to create, your daily practices, and anything else that could use my magic touch

 Monthly 1;1 call for my special one-on-one attention to fine-tune what you need as you birth your desires and step into your greatness

✨ 12 weeks, starting January 31st, 2019

* Only 12 spots available - Pay-in-full bonus or payment plan 

Hi there, I'm Adriana Monique Alvarez...

I'm a spiritual mentor as well as clairvoyant and claircognizant channel. Here's a little story about how I discovered my gifts and my ability to create everything I desired...

When I hit my early twenties, I realized I had been a "good girl". I was obedient. I wanted to make others proud, but I had no idea how to give voice to my desires. I was beginning to discover that I didn't come here to be a good woman, I came here to be a wild woman!

Solo travel allowed me the space to learn the rituals and spiritual practices that would open to me what I thought was reserved for the "special or elite". I had been the nice girl who took crumbs from under everyone else's table - and all along I had the gifts to create my own abundance and magical life - sound familiar?

Ten years ago, I began to create my dream life one step at a time. The soulmate husband, beautiful children, abundance, time freedom, adventures and travel...

It only got juicier when two years ago I was visited by my guides and invited to operate more publicly and fully in my spiritual gifts. I began to receive daily guidance and my greatest teacher, Nina, guided me to where I am today - no longer fearing my gifts, but embracing them and leading others to the same place of courage and strength.

Want to join me in this Magical 3 month experience?

Here is what you need to know:

It doesn't matter where you are in your journey. All that matters is that you are done hiding and disowning who you are. 

This group is exclusive to women. It's intimate. It's profound. It's magical. This is the space you will birth your deepest desires and step into your greatness. If this is for you, book a call with me now.

Give me 7 minutes and I'll know what you need to do to unleash the most powerful, uncensored part of yourself. And it's up to YOU to take the action.

I want to find out who you are and what you do when you're in ALL your POWER. The rest is just details...

✨ 12 weeks, starting January 31st, 2019

* Only 12 spots available - Pay-in-full bonus or payment plan