Divine Creatrix 2019 Is YOUR Year of Magic and Miracles!

In my morning meditation I heard, 

Dedicate the first 37 days of the new year to leading a sacred circle of women through daily 


In our time together you will free your inner magic and summon miracles. It's about tithing our time to do the inner work. At our core we are powerful creators.

In this powerful trifecta you will connect to your deepest self, honor the divine within, and create.

Client Love

"Our meditation and clearing session set me on this direction that self love is my biggest healer. Furthermore I sincerely appreciate your everlasting boldness in expanding your true being and sharing this experience with the world. You are an inspiration beyond limits for me." - Susanne Braam
"In my action plan that Adriana Monique created, the spiritual and self care actions were the most helpful! I can work in my business all day long, but if I don’t take care of myself I’m finished. Lots of coaches can tell you how to network and build funnels, but you have that extra magic that’s about building the person behind the business, and that’s so important." - Whitney Morton Woodcock

"I've been doing your daily plan of action that includes meditation, essential oils, crystals and mantras and it has completely changed how I feel when I work! It no longer feels like WORK! or heavy or challenging! It's so much easier to work when I'm in alignment with my soul's purpose, but I wasn't quite there yet. Your recommendations helped push me over that edge and elevated me to the next level. I am so grateful I took the leap to join your program in the summer!" - Rosemary King 

No matter what season in life, no matter your profession, you came here to create! In our time together we will practice what it means to be a joyful, deliberate creator. 

Imagine this:

 Waking up knowing something amazing is about to happen!

✨ Being open to expansion on all levels!

✨ Feeling your own power and choice!

✨ Experiencing peace within any circumstance!

✨ Feeling connected to yourself and all that is!

Focusing your thoughts on what you desire!

✨ Moving into inspired and aligned action!

✨ Creating sacred moments every day!

What is included in the MAGIC & MIRACLES EXPERIENCE?

🌟 37 channelled messages delivered to your inbox daily from January 1st - February 6th, 2019

🌟 Each message will include a meditation, ritual, and creative experiment you can easily incorporate into your day.

🌟 A private group where you can share your creations, aha moments, and miracles.

For those who desire to activate their inner Creatrix at a deeper level, the Magic & Miracles VIP Experience includes all the above PLUS:

🌟 7 sacred and potent elixirs to raise your vibration (you'll receive recipes, shopping lists, and instructions on how to make these delicious and powerful alcohol free drinks).

🌟 3 guided mediations to open your chakras and inner creative fire (download these and use them over and over).

🌟 1 hour Deliberate Creator Session designed to raise your confidence and creative powers (private session for us to explore what the Universe desires to express through you in 2019).

About Monique Alvarez

Adriana Monique Alvarez dove into personal development while traveling and volunteering abroad. Books like "Conversations with God", "The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent", and "Wishes Fulfilled" changed the way she looked at life and what is possible. 

Her connection to the spiritual world and her dedication to the practical lead her to cultivating rituals that include super foods, yoga, meditation, visualization, and channeling. All of this really leads her back to her inner being and living from there. 

Her mediations, rituals, and creative experiments are grounding, inspiring, and enlightening